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HydroStatic Burst Pressure Strength Testing (ASTM D 1599):

What is HydroStatic Burst Pressure?

Pipe specimens are prepared using plastic end caps with solvent cement or compression fittings. CRT has devised special bleeders and manifold fitting to connect all specimens to the pressure unit. The specimens are filled with internal water pressure at a specified ramp-rate until ultimate burst pressure of the fitting or pipe is achieved. This pressure is recorded on a calibrated gauge and report in unit of Pounds per square inch (Psi). Usually, 3-5 specimens are required to achieve an average factor.

The test temperature may be applied at either room temperature or at elevated temperatures. The burst pressure minimum requirements are based on the size of the pipe/fitting. Pre-mature failure constitutes failure by the prescribed method and cannot be sold on the market.

Specimens: 3-5 pipe/fitting lengths. Length of each specimen depends on size (please inquire).

Should you need additional information about CRT Laboratories' HydroStatic Burst Pressure Strength testing capabilities please contact us via our RFQ Form or call us at (714) 283-2032. You may fax a request for a proposal at (714) 283-1365.

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