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  • Physical & Mechanical Testing

    Used to qualify/quantify the physical and/or mechanical
    characteristics of raw materials and/or molded parts.

  • Pipe & Cement Testing

    CPVC, PVC, ABS, & Transition Solvents;
    Pipe Joint Thread Compounds;
    Plastic Pipe Primer Solutions.

  • Plumbing & Faucet Testing

    Used to pre-qualify the characteristics of both
    Metal & Plastic Shower assemblies prior to installation.

  • Geotextile Testing

    Measures and qualifies the capabilities of
    textiles used in landscaping functions.

  • Geogrid Testing

    Density,Node Strength,
    Rib Strength, Wide Width Tensile

  • Specialty Testing

    EPA Method 9090a Chemical Compatibility,
    Qualification of PE Fusion Joints,
    Thermal Analysis (DSC) Crystallinity,
    Cell Classification of PE Pipe & Compounds

  • Thermal & Infrared Analysis

    Used to qualify/quantify the characteristics of raw
    materials and/or molded parts,
    in addition to recording changes and/or reactions to temperature.

  • Plastic Pipe Testing

    Used to qualify/quantify the pipes/fittings before IAPMO,
    NSF, or CSA can list them for use in the plumbing industry.

  • Geomembrane Testing

    Used to quantify the performance of HDPE
    and other sheet membrane materials.

  • Geonet Testing

    Tests provide information on the capabilities
    of Geonet materials.

  • Geopipe Testing

    Tests are used with plastic pipe used primarily with landfill,
    landscaping, and similar functions.

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