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Materials Testing Laboratory, Plastics Testing Laboratory, Failure Analysis Laboratory

Established in 1979, CRT Laboratories, Inc. operates as an Independent plastics, composites, and failure analysis testing laboratory. CRT Laboratories originated for the sole purpose of independently serving manufacturing companies along with end users to ensure quality control on end products.

CRT Laboratories, Inc. is an IAPMO R&T (ANAB) Certified/Registered ISO 9001:2008 company, further enhancing our commitment to quality for our clients.
CRT Laboratories is certified/accredited by The International Association for Plumbing & Mechanical Officials  (IAPMO) under IAPMO R&T (ANAB) and IAPMO R&T ISO-IEC 17025:2005 ensuring that all technicians involved with testing are extensively trained and highly qualified.

Physical & Mechanical Testing Laboratory

CRT Laboratories, Inc. offers a wide range of testing, failure analyses and other analytical services, which include:

Certification NO.
  • Engineering and Raw Polymers compounds

  • Geosynthetics

  • Recycled material

  • Plastic/Metal Pipes & Fittings

  • Life Cycle of Faucets and Showers

  • Hydrostatic Burst Pressure

  • Backflow and Breaker Valves

  • Composites

  • Cyclic Pressure

  • Sustained Pressure

  • Thermo-cycling

  • Impulse Shock

  • Water Closets

  • Other plumbing products

New Testing Capabilities
Contact CRT to have your Weathering Exposure Testing performed by testing experts.

CRT Laboratories, Inc. maintains its own in-house Injection Molding and Extrusion of polymers for Class-A and R&D. With CRT's extensive background in Injection Molding, Extrusion, and Mechanical engineering of all plastics, we understand how quality affects the performance factors of molding parts and compounds.

Materials Failure Analysis

CRT Laboratories, Inc. is the only lab (of knowledge) that can offer assistance to "current on-the-floor" problems associated with molded parts or compounding. CRT routinely performs Mechanical/Physical, Weather-ometer, IR Thermal Analysis, and de-formulation of plastic components. CRT Laboratories also provides Chemical Analysis on a wide range of polymers, Geosynthetics, and maintains up to date molding, extrusion, and compression molding equipment to achieve optimum test specimen quality.
CRT Laboratories, Inc. is dedicated to customer service. To help find the test method you are interested in Search our Site for Tests and Services. If you wish to conduct custom testing or have questions, please use our Guest Book to request a quote or contact us at the numbers below.... we're here to help.

CRT Laboratories, Inc.
1680 North Main Street
Orange, CA 92867


Phone: (714) 283-2032   
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