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Weathering Testing

Sunlight, heat and moisture can cause serious product deterioration–such as fading, color change, cracking, peeling, oxidation or loss of strength.  Damage from weathering or corrosion occurs both outdoors and indoors, and its severity can vary greatly in different climates. Even materials that are resistant to sunlight alone or to moisture alone often fail when exposed to sunlight and moisture in combination.

CRT Labs now offers weathering testing using the latest Q-Lab weatherability testing equipment. Whether your need is to test the damaging wavelengths of light encountered either indoors or outdoors, or weathering testing related to moisture exposure, CRT Labs has a solution.

Outdoor Exposure Testing, UV Exposure Testing

CRT Laboratories Q-Sun Xenon Test Chamber reproduces the damaging wavelengths of light encountered either indoors or outdoors. Xenon lamps emit ultraviolet, visible and infrared light. Studies have show that filtered Xenon arc lamps are  the best method to  test products such as pigments, dyes and inks, which may be sensitive to the longer UV wavelengths and visible wavelengths of sunlight.

Accelerated Weathering Testing

In just a few days or weeks, with the use of  the Q-Lab QUV, CRT Laboratories can reproduce damage that may occur over months or even years outdoors. The QUV is recognized as the most sophisticated equipment designed for accelerated weathering testing.


UV Exposure Testing

Ultraviolet light causes almost all the photo degradation to materials exposed outdoors. CRT Laboratories' outdoor exposure testing equipment reproduces only the UV portion of the spectrum. By using a  UVA-340 lamp, we have the best available simulation of short-wave sunlight. The  UVA-340 lamp's use is especially valuable when comparing the performance of different types of polymers and stabilizers. It is also the best lamp for correlation studies.


Moisture Testing

Products outdoors can be exposed to moisture in the form of dew for up to 15 hours per day. CRT Laboratories' outdoor exposure testing provides a rigorous, yet highly realistic, moisture exposure with cycles of hot condensing humidity. With the use of the QUV weatherability testing equipment, a spray can simulate the effects of rain, such as thermal shock and erosion, giving you realistic weather exposure data.

CRT Labs' Weathering Exposure Testing Standards

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ASTM G151, General Guidelines for Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials
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SAE J2527, Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Exterior Materials Using a Controlled Irradiance Xenon-Arc Apparatus

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Printing Inks/ Artists' Materials/ Paper
ISO 11798, Information and documentation – Permanence of writing, printing & copying on paper
ISO 12040, Graphic Technology - Prints and printing inks
ISO 18909, Imaging Materials – Processed photographic colour films and paper prints
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ISO 4665, Rubber, Vulcanized or Thermoplastic – Resistance to weathering

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ASTM C1442, Conducting Tests on Sealants Using Artificial Weathering Apparatus
ASTM C1501, Color Stability of Sealants

ASTM D6551, Accelerated Weathering of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes by Xenon Arc

Should you need additional information about CRT Laboratories'  Weather Exposure testing capabilities please contact us via our RFQ Form or call us at (714) 283-2032. You may fax a request for a proposal at (714) 283-1365.
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